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Our entire family loves football. I love football. Leigh Ann loves football. My parents love football. Leigh Ann’s father coached football for 30-some years. Point being, we love football. Did I mention that already?

So it is with great regret that I keep reading about how much long-term damage the sport does to your brain. Here’s an article today in Slate. And another on NPR. And, for those of you who cannot process information without a moving picture, here’s a news report based on the same University of Purdue study:

The NFL is taking concussions more seriously, yes. But research suggests you suffer brain damage without ever being concussed. Which brings up some thorny parenting issues — namely, if you’re not going to let your son smoke cigarettes, by what logic would you let him play football?

I’m looking at you scientists. You have 15 years to make the perfect helmet.

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